Monday, April 11, 2011

Sidewalk Chalk

Here is Gordy drawing another one of his Bawk Bawk Barns (for most people we call them Chicken Coops). It's fun to watch him draw them and they actually all look identical.

Grace wanted to show you her Barn too. Then you get to hear Gordy do his "Bawk Bawk" impersonation.


Kris and Sam said...

Gordy is getting steadily more realistic with his bawk bawk. Impressive! Such cute kiddos. I'm glad you posted.

Team Boo said...

Finally! I have been waiting for a post. Cutesy kids ever and I love bawk bawk.

Liz said...

oh myt gosh! I just realized we both picked the same blog backdrop! we must be related or something! Hope you have a fun 4th.